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Our customers from all over the world have relied on our services for more than five decades.
Echetlos is a term for the needs of shipping, its brokers, shipowners and suppliers, based in Hamburg. and Customer Service Offices In the ports of Piraeus, Thessaloniki, and in all the ports of Europe We provide you with our many years of experience and the reliable expertise

Shipping Companies 

Special Technical Department For Purchases Of Spare Parts And Ship Equipment. New And Old Technology.Full Technical Briefing With Tests And Inspection For Purchase Of Ships Damage Control From Human And Natural Disasters On Behalf Of Shipping Companies With Full Briefing On The Unnecessary Compensations From Your Insurance Companies

Transportation Of Special Goods 
To The Port

Special Transports, For Dangerous Goods, Inside And Outside The Port, With Accompanying Security Cars, And Specially Trained Technical Staff

Yokohama Fender Structure

A Pneumatic fender mainly includes inner rubber, outer rubber, steel wire mesh, and air valve. All components of Yokohama Fender are combined into a whole after high-temperature vulcanization. So, the pneumatic marine fender has high strength, fatigue, and impact resistance. Also, Yokohama pneumatic Fenders have the advantages of thermal stability and good adhesion.

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