Technical Department

Container technician Container conversions, renewal of navigation board, control of dry cargo and refrigerators, temperature monitoring, monitoring of loading of the container to the ship from the port, Registration of damage to containers and ship keys, changes of damaged containers and ship bridge spare parts, accident prevention, shipboard personnel seminars and informatio

Ship Broker

Research on the purchase of a ship. Arrangement and agreement of the price. Inspection and testing of the ship for the account of our customers, with our partners. Purchase contract agreement. Complete replacement of spare parts Recruitment of full staff for the operation of the ship. Full insurance of the ship and the staff. Delivery of the ship to our client's port ready for loading and work

Shipping Companies Expert

Special Technical Department For Purchases Of Spare Parts And Ship Equipment. New And Old Technology.Full Technical Briefing With Tests And Inspection For Purchase Of Ships Damage Control From Human And Natural Disasters On Behalf Of Shipping Companies With Full Briefing On The Unnecessary Compensations From Your Insurance Companies

The secretary and Accounting

Informing Customers, recording container numbers Ship trip records, serving the ship's staff and our customers. organization of warehouse, organization of transport and delivery of products. sending photos and videos from the ship's stay at the port of origin

Container and ship loading machinery technician

Inspection of containers, conversions to containers and refrigerated containersPainting and number changes from the containers, organization of ship painting outside and inside, different works inside the ship, technical works